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Concetto di pattern-language
A pattern language is a structured method of describing good design practices within a particular domain. It is characterized byNoticing and naming the common problems in a field of interest,Describing the key characteristics of effective solutions for meeting some stated goal,Helping the designer move from problem to problem in a logical way, and>Allowing for many different paths through the design process.

Pattern languages are used to formalize decision-making values whose effectiveness becomes obvious with experience but that are difficult to document and pass on to novices. They are also effective tools in structuring knowledge and understanding of fundamentally complex systems without forcing oversimplification -- including organizing people or groups involved in complex undertakings, revealing how their functions inter-relate as part of the larger whole.

esempio in architettura:
* "Arcades - covered walkways at the edge of buildings, which are partly inside, partly outside-play a vital role in the way that people interact with buildings"

Followed by a description of the pattern and cross-reference to smaller component patterns (columns, roof, ceiling height) and larger patterns that form a context for this element (connections between buildings, etc.).

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