memories of.

Get off your cat walk, I want you to talk
To be the seer instead of the seen
There is a flower, a leaning tower
And all of the wonders standing between

I don't want to be another mystery
I don't want to see who's looking at me
I want to be the one to feel the sun
So if you want to see the world with me let's go

The alligator, the god that made her
And all the creatures that got left behind
In Mycnnae, Ave Maria
And everything you gotta dig harder to find
I don't want to be a vapor of heavenly light
Everybody guess if I'm an angel or sprite


You could pursue it, hell I could do it
I'll just be quiet when I get angry and hurt
I'm stopping traffic, cinemagraphic
With my long black coat hanging down in the dirt
And my hair clinging to my face in the rain
Like a goddess from the cult of beautiful pain

I could cut you off with a shoulder of stone
Smoke all night and leave the party alone
Screw myself with an inscrutable pout
But I just want you to come figure me out


Dar Williams

thanks to marta for the good hint.

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