pattern sociali.

new project released.

ho amici che fanno cose. e parlarne è spesso divertente, a tratti ingannevole: ne so sempre pochissimo.
ma insomma, è questo il bello della varietà. si può mica sapere tutto di tutto.
quello che si può fare, però, sempre, è godere dell'estetica e magari affezionarsi a un concetto.
ecco, il contatto come un filo.
basta così.
enjoy aims to shed light on patterns in social dynamics and coordinated human activity. We do so by reporting on experiments, data analyses and visualisations designed and conducted by ourselves as well as carried out by other groups. focuses on exposing patterns. We are specifically interested in experiments that gather data, and visualizations that present the data in novel and insightful ways.

If you think that we should report about a project, a news item or something else you judge relevant, please do not hesitate and inform us at submissions [at] .

This site is set up and maintained by Wouter Van den Broeck, Ciro Cattuto and Alain Barrat, three researchers at the Complex Networks unit of the Complex Systems Lagrange Lab in the ISI foundation. You can contact us as info [at]

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