e adesso un po' di magia..

Contrary to popular belief, witches do exist, although most aren't wretched old hags with black cats and brooms. A short list of practical spells concocted by real live witches follows.




Step One

Return loved ones to your life by lighting vanilla incense, closing your eyes and breathing calmly while ridding yourself of all negativity. Repeat these enchanting words: "I am content in my own universe, I create and give love and friendship, and I will grow and learn to know and love myself."

Step Two

Find the love of your life by taking a bath, dressing in clean white clothing, and lighting sandalwood incense and a red candle on the night of a full moon. Focus on the type of soul mate you want and repeat this invocation: "With the spirit of Avalon, through the knowledge of Merlin, I open my heart and soul to receive true love."

Step Three

Write your soon-to-be ex-lover's name three times on a piece of blue paper and wrap it around a small pebble. Tie white wool around the pebble and place it between two white candles. Make sure this happens on a Saturday afternoon.

Step Four

Think positively while imagining your ex smiling as he or she moves away from you with no regrets. Then say this incantation: "O bittersweet love, I release thee on the wings of a dove."

Step Five

Draw money into your life by lighting a green candle and placing a piece of pyrite next to it under a full moon. Set three coins down next to the candle, pick them up, and with a warm soothing energy around you, say this: "May all that I obtain return threefold to the world and threefold to me."

Step Six

Throw the coins on the table while focusing on the amount you want. Wrap the pyrite and coins in a green cloth, and say, "And so it will be," while blowing the candle out.

Step Seven

Quit smoking with just a deflated balloon and a sprig of mint. Place these on a table and meditate to release any and all tension, then hold the mint up and breathe in the fragrance while saying, "Let all impurities be cast from me with this purifying breath."

Step Eight

Blow up the balloon, tie a knot at the end, go outside and say, "So it shall be."

Step Nine

Keep a fresh sprig of mint with you, and whenever you get the urge to light up, breathe in the mint's aroma and repeat the incantation.

Step Ten

Get your money back by casting this spell under a full moon. Take a nail file and carve the amount you're owed into the side of a purple candle.

Step Eleven

Sprinkle salt around it in a clockwise direction and light the candle for 20 minutes. Sit comfortably nearby while visualizing whoever owes you the money.

Step Twelve

Imagine you're speaking directly to this person, and repeatedly say, "While money is owed those who await, bills pile up and confusion reigns, your conscience shall ache when I restate this plea, allow what is mine to return to me."

Tips & Warnings

  • Always be certain you're relaxed, breathing deeply and thinking positively while casting these spells. Abstain from casting them with cruel intentions or negative results in mind. Bear in mind that they will not work under such circumstances anyway.

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